Cooking on the Trail

Collect, Process, Organize, Do and Review your tasks with this productive technique

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Cooking on the Trail by Mind Map: Cooking on the Trail

1. Collect

1.1. What recipes would be eaten on the trail?

1.2. Choose a minimum of 6 recipes that you would consider eating while on your travels.

1.3. Type them out on a Google doc in Google Drive

2. Explain

2.1. Why were these particular recipes chosen?

2.2. On your Google doc, please explain why each of the recipes were ideal for the journey.

3. Organize

3.1. What time of day would these meals be eaten?

3.2. Organize your meals into breakfast, dinner, and supper columns on your Google doc

4. Save

4.1. Save your work!

4.2. Do not forget to hit "share with me" so that I can see your work.

5. The Chuckwagon

6. Assemble

6.1. Which meals would be your favorite?

6.2. Choose one recipe fro each column that you believe would be your favorite and highlight them.

7. Print

7.1. Print out a copy for your homework tonight

7.2. Please get 3 pieces of "special paper" for your homework tonight.

8. Recipes on the Oregon Trail

9. Food on the Oregon Trail

10. Pioneer Food

11. Pioneer Food Recipes

12. 19th Century Food