Simple Past Tense

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Simple Past Tense by Mind Map: Simple Past Tense

1. When we use the past simple tense ?

1.1. The past simple is used to talk about a specific action that started and ended in the past. In this case it is equivalent to the Spanish indefinite past tense. Generally, we use it with adverbs of time like "last year", "yesterday", "last night"

1.1.1. Examples I had a meeting five minutes ago What transforms the sentence into a simple past is its verb, if the verb is in the past tense, the sentence will be understood in the past tense. That is to say that with only the change of the verb the understanding of the sentence will be different.

2. Estructure

2.1. (+) Subject + verb in past + Complement

2.1.1. (-) Subject + Did + Not + Infinitive verb + Complement (?) Did + Subject + Infinitive verb + Complement ? Other vebs

3. What is simple past?

3.1. The past simple, also known as the simple past, is the tense used in the English language to narrate events that occurred at a specific time in the past.