Luis Campodonico

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Luis Campodonico by Mind Map: Luis Campodonico

1. Science

1.1. Studying Science has been a fundamental part of my life for the last 20 years. The scientific method defines me as a person, provided years of adventure, and intellectual pursuits. Whether it be politics, relationships, or professional experiences the scientific method provides truth and clarity.

1.2. I am classically trained in microbiology & biochemistry. I was fortunate enough to have close to a decade of experience in each field, while simultaneously working in multi-disciplinary programs, such as combinatorial chemistry, high-throughput screening, and drug discovery.

1.3. I chose to study science because of a natural proclivity for curiosity. I am the child that always asked why- why is the sky blue? Why does it snow, why, why, why, etc etc.

2. Professional

2.1. I am the current finance manager for the MSK-Cornell Center for the Translation of Cancer Nanomedicines. This opportunity has been a culmination of a lifelong dream to integrate science with high impact patient care. The position is a hybrid between scientific discovery and financial management. I am able to leverage my 20 years of experiences in scientific discovery guiding postdoctoral researchers and graduate students, while simultaneously utilizing over a decade of financial grant management to design budgets and forecast operational costs of our Nanomedicine Center.

2.2. At the MSK nanomedicine Center we work in tandem with a start-up; Elcuida Oncology to help commercialize our discoveries. It is a close-knit alliance that allows me an up-close look how biotech companies function.

2.3. The single most influential professional experience was working for Mark Ptashne, PhD. He is regarded by the scientific community as one of the founders of gene regulation. His rigorous scientific training provided me with a logical framework to approach science, professional opportunities and life. Coincidentally, while studying for my masters degree, Mark Ptashne’s seminal discovery of positive feedback loop gene regulation was the only topic I didn’t fully grasp at the time of graduation. Fate has a sense of humor in that I would wind up working for him! I eventually came to understand the concept of gene regulation.

3. Hobbies-Interest

3.1. I am a voracious reader consuming/reading about a book a week although my pace has slowed down considerably, not from business school, but from the birth of my daughter Brielle Viviana Campodonico, 9 months ago.

3.2. Pre-Covid and pre-baby arrival (they are synonymous) I played in NYC’s most competitive semi-professional billiards league. Winning 4 championships, in 6 final appearances.

3.3. Giving back to the community has always been a priority in my life. Growing up in the South Bronx during the late 1970’s exposed me to both poverty and the value of education. Only through education am I able to lead the life I desire. Mentoring young people on these lessons, provides unlimited joy in my life.

4. Education

4.1. I received an undergraduate degree in Biology, from College of Mount Saint Vincent with a concentration on Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, which at the time had a lot of overlap.

4.2. I received a master’s degree from City University of New York at Hunter College in Cancer Biology focusing on biophysical & biochemical cancer pathways.

4.3. Attending Carey Business School at JJHU continues my passion for learning. The coursework and experiences augment my capabilities in learning business and applying these concepts to science and inevitably improving the MSK Nanomedince Center.