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Memory by Mind Map: Memory

1. People

2. Logical relatsh. between ideas

3. Test questions

4. We=our memories

4.1. Feelings

4.2. Opinion

4.3. Events

5. Improvement of memory(Declarative)

5.1. Cognitive strategy

5.1.1. To approach

5.1.2. Complete tasks

5.1.3. Thinking in more effective ways

5.1.4. One strategy Verbal elaboration Talk about info in meaning. way Agree/disagree Compare/contrast Remember more & longer

5.2. Affective strategy

5.2.1. Emotions⇒brain chemicals Brain chemicals release⇒ memory

5.2.2. Control emotional response→remember better Limbic system Transfer info-> long-term memory How u feel=how well u remember How to create positive emotional response Study with friends Use interesting study tests

6. Types of memory

6.1. Sensory memory

6.1.1. Short

6.1.2. Perceive with our senses

6.1.3. Learning and remembering

6.2. Working memory

6.2.1. Temporarily hold and manipulate info

6.2.2. Crucial for mental operations Adding numbers Following directions

6.3. 1st proceed in working memory in emot. or meaning. way

6.4. Long-term memory

6.4.1. Stored 30 sec- entire life Declarative memory Experiences Conscious memory

6.4.2. Sub-types Procedural memory Body movements Implicit Unconscious

7. Abilities

7.1. Store

7.2. Recall

7.3. Maintain