Benefits of Rhythmic Movements

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Benefits of Rhythmic Movements by Mind Map: Benefits of Rhythmic Movements

1. Expression

1.1. Creative movement is a form of movement that allows the students to express themselves.

2. Social

2.1. Rhythmic movements, including dance moves, come together with mental and physical skills to offer social interaction.

3. Releases

3.1. The Release Technique is a technique that allows students to release unknown or unwanted tension in a positive way

4. Soothing

4.1. A method referred to as Body Mind Centering (BMC) that uses dancing and other technique such as yoga to calm the mind and body.

5. Exit Ticket

5.1. Repetitive movement will help students get out of their own heads; allowing anxiety to exit. This allows the students to reconnect with their body, connecting them back to their true selves.