Philosophy of adult education: Views about knowledge influence adult education practice

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1. Rationalism

1.1. Knowledge gained through internal psychological states, or through internal cognitive processes of those who gain knowledge

1.1.1. Innate ideas Logic Intelligence (IQ)

1.1.2. Rational thought Reason Interpretivism

2. Empiricism

2.1. Knowledge gained through factors external/ outside the psychological states/ outside the cognitive processes of those gaining knowledge

2.1.1. Experience Observation Experiment

2.1.2. Sensory perception Direct experience

2.1.3. Objectivism

2.1.4. Positivism

3. Skepticism

3.1. No beliefs are justified and therefore no one really knows anything

4. Pragmatism

4.1. something is true only insofar as it works and has practical consequences.

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7. The philosophy of knowledge/ truth and how the knowledge can be acquired or communicated; basically a philosophy of learning.