The fun They had

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The fun They had by Mind Map: The fun They had

1. THEME-Education ,futuristic education,The importance physical schooling, Ed should be mapped to individual needs,

2. Characters-Margie(11yrs,hates school, slow learner, loved to socialize, curious) Tommy( 13 yrs, likes tele books, bossy) Mrs. Jones( Margie's mother, Caring mother as she called the county to slow down the mech. teacher, disciplinarian, Authoritative), County inspector(Round and red faced, kind, understanding ,non threatening, good at his profession) The mechanical teacher( No personality per se but had a phy entity i,e black ,large ugly which turned white when switched on and slot to put home work in,only understood punch code,Could calculate marks quickly)

3. Views-Children loved the concept of physical schooling where they could meet and talk and help each other. Tommy thought tele books are better as you can have 1000's of books and never need to throw away any.

3.1. Plot- One day Tommy found an actual book that belonged to his great-great grandfather. Yellow and Crinkly pages. Both Margie and Tommy were thrilled to learn about the physical type of schooling.