OPL M365 Enabler

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OPL M365 Enabler by Mind Map: OPL M365 Enabler

1. Establishment in Orange (corporate) project stream - OPL's PoC - orange.com

1.1. The next (first workshop) meeting with the Orange Group project - 08.04.

1.2. Development of scoping proposals and definition of roles

1.3. establishment of a schedule

1.4. definition of terms of cooperation

1.5. identification of budgetary needs

2. Activation of OPL subscriptions by tenants indicated by OPL

2.1. Determining how to activate subscriptions owned by OPL with OFR and Microsoft

2.2. PoC - orange.com - 514

2.3. Internal OPL's PoC - biuro.corpnet.pl - 118

2.4. testing environment - 12

3. Implementation of OPL's test environment in the domain biuro.corpnet.pl

3.1. assignment of a domain to a tenant

3.2. developing the capacity to work in PoC

3.3. definition of user group

3.4. definition of the scope of functional tests

3.5. definition of the scope of technological tests

3.6. establishing the scope of IT security tests

4. Verification of the feasibility of multi-domain implementation in orange.com domain

4.1. Joining a Microsoft-led project formally

4.2. Active participation and testing of the developed products

5. Functional testing of M365 services

5.1. Teams and other app integration

5.2. Other M365 office services

5.3. Security

5.4. PC' OS functionality and Device Management

5.5. Integration with third-party services