"Wonder" by R.J. Palacio

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"Wonder" by R.J. Palacio by Mind Map: "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio

1. Main Characters

1.1. August Pullman

1.1.1. has been through 27 surgeries to reconstruct his face

1.1.2. was born with a rare and severe facial defect

1.1.3. people stare at him

1.1.4. shy

1.1.5. lacks in confidence

1.1.6. likes to play videos games and wear his astronaut helmet

1.2. Olivia "Via" Pullman

1.2.1. defends her brother

1.2.2. doesn't get as much attention as Auggie

1.2.3. has learned to manage things on her own

1.2.4. grandma is her role model/inspiration

1.3. Auggies Parents

1.3.1. protects Auggie

1.3.2. genuine and caring

1.3.3. wants to keep August happy

1.3.4. want Auggie to be treated fairly and make friends

2. Theme 1

2.1. Friendship

2.2. With the help of his friends August survives his first year of public school and grows to love it!

3. Theme 2

3.1. Family

3.2. The Pullmans keep August comforted and protected at all costs and stand behind him.

4. Theme 3

4.1. Appearances

4.2. "Don't judge a book by it's cover"

4.3. As people get to know August his personality shines through his facial deformities

5. First Persons Perspective

5.1. Written in different perspectives throughout the book

5.2. In each perspective the stories are told through their point of view so that we can see their emotions and response

5.3. Shows their relationships with August

5.4. Gives reader better understanding of the characters

6. Other Characters

6.1. Summer

6.1.1. sits with Auggie at lunch

6.1.2. one of Auggies good friends

6.2. Jack Will

6.2.1. one of Auggie "welcome buddies" when touring his school

6.2.2. one of Auggie close friends

6.2.3. stands up for Auggie

6.3. Julian

6.3.1. main antagonist

6.3.2. hateful, aggressive, and bitter towards August

6.3.3. makes rude comments

6.3.4. one of Auggies "welcome buddies" because he acted really well around adults

6.4. Charolette

6.4.1. another "welcome buddy"

6.4.2. bystander until she met Summer

6.4.3. neutral between Jack Will and Julian

7. Theme 4

7.1. Kindness

7.2. Basic kindness can make a big difference in somebodies day to day life.

7.3. Choose kind!