domestic violence against women in Turkey

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domestic violence against women in Turkey by Mind Map: domestic violence against women in Turkey

1. insufficient implementations

1.1. slow working courts

1.1.1. dressing smartly in court encourages the killer creates potential murderers tie reduction

1.2. there are strong laws

2. inadequate shelters

2.1. KADES-not enough supported

2.2. deficient police assessment

3. Women won their rights

3.1. more women in politics, universities, workplaces

3.2. makes conservatives angry

4. thoughts of government

4.1. humiliative statements

4.2. not thinking women and men equal

4.3. thinking every women should have child.

5. Covid-19

5.1. cases are rised due to pandemic

5.2. government didn't protect women

6. Istanbul Convention

6.1. turkey was the first both joined and quitted.

7. Possible solutions

7.1. preventing murders with acting fast

7.2. implementing laws efficiently

7.3. education