How to Progress within Honeycomb Group & My Role

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How to Progress within Honeycomb Group & My Role by Mind Map: How to Progress within Honeycomb Group & My Role

1. Personal Skills I need to Improve

1.1. Time Management

1.1.1. Recognising the importance of different tasks, and prioritising certain tasks over others. Identifying different methods of how to manage my time effectively. For instance a good way to keep on track of my duties, and priorities daily or weekly is to jot down all of my tasks by project on a whiteboard above my workstation, and then a further thorough to do list in my notepad.

1.1.2. Ensuring that I do not overload myself with too many duties at one given time, so that I can concentrate on the important items at hand.

1.2. Stress Management

1.2.1. I tend to become stressed when I am multi tasking. I need to learn how to manage multiple tasks and projects more efficiently. Researching different methods on how to cope with stress in the workplace and trying different methods to reduce stress.

1.3. Better Understanding of Construction Language/Terminology

1.3.1. Throughout my first 18 months at work I have seen massive improvements in my understanding of construction terminology, and general construction work. However, I still need to improve on certain aspects, to ensure I have a comprehensive understanding of the on site processes that contractors go through. Undergoing CPD, to broaden my knowledge base. Surrounding myself with on site professionals who can aid me in my development. For instance undertaking snagging sessions with the Clerk of Works on our projects.

2. Job Related Competencies I need to Improve

2.1. Understanding of the Capital Funding Guide (CFG) & other Homes England related documents

2.1.1. Homes England funding, and funding in general is a large part of my role, as funding is what makes a lot of our schemes viable. Therefore, it is important that I have a sound understanding of the documentation, requirements, and criteria relating to the funding to be able to advance in my role To develop my knowledge further, I read the CFG thoroughly to gain a better understanding of what is required from my organisation at each stage of a development.

2.1.2. Be able to use the Homes England IMS software independently. The IMS software is an important part of the bidding, amendment, and completion of all our funded schemes, as it allows us to gain the funding once the scheme reaches certain milestones. It is important that I enhance my knowledge in this area, so that I can confidently, and independently manage schemes from start to finish, with little input from my line manager. I am constantly referring to the guidance produced by Homes England to ensure that I am completing each stage correctly, and to enhance my knowledge around the software and how to use it without referring to the guidance. I am also using the software more frequently, completing a range of different tasks with the support of my line manager over a teams call.

2.2. Scheme Appraisals // Feasibilities

2.2.1. Be able to complete scheme appraisals independently from start to finish, and provide my line manager and head of department with reasons as to why a scheme works, and why it doesnt work. I am fairly confident now to be able to complete an appraisal, however, my justification is lacking when a scheme does not work, and my problem solving qualities are not where I want them to be to offer solutions on how we can make it work. In order to enhance my justification, and problem solving, I am practicing using he software, to see what makes schemes unviable, and not "stack up". This is helping me to see trends in the schemes that are not viable, which I can report back to my line manager on future schemes. For instance, the price a developer wants just may not be viable against the amount of units we are receiving, and how much they are valued at. I will continue to develop my evaluation and justification knowledge surrounding scheme appraisals, which will allow me to become independent when completing them.

2.3. Construction Law and Procurement knowledge

2.3.1. Be able to confidently, and correctly analyse contract documentation, and other legal documentation to ensure that it is fit for the purpose of the scheme. I am increasing my knowledge of construction law as a whole through my university module. However, I am also increasing my knowledge further by researching topics surrounding the legal side of construction.

2.3.2. Understanding the legal requirements of my organisation, and what we expect our consultants and contractors to have in place before a project starts I am actively researching and developing my knowledge around the requirements of my organisation. For instance, through previous projects, I realise we seek performance bonds from contractors on our projects. Therfore I am developing my knowledge around this area; looking at alternatives to performance bonds (Parent Company Guarantees), and seeing whether they are fit for purpose.

2.4. Defect Management // Dispute Resolution

2.4.1. I only need to improve slightly on this section of my work. The main area I need to improve in is my dispute resolution, when dealing with our tenants defects. I am mostly unsure on how to answer tenant complaints, especially when they push back further. I need to be able to independently manage defects, all the way through from completion of the properties, to the 12 month defect period end. In order to enhance my abilities surrounding dispute resolution, I seek advice from my colleagues, and line manager, and try to implement their methods and strategies into my own responses.

2.5. Appointment of Consultants and Contractors

2.5.1. I need to improve on my schedule of services, and appointment letter write up when appointing consultants and contractors to work with us on projects. To improve in this area, I have been researching example appointment letters from previous schemes we have worked on, and also websites such as the RICS, RIBA, CIOB, etc. These websites help me to realise the services that consultants should be offering to us, which helps with the technical side of the appointments.

3. Legislations within my Role

3.1. Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015

3.1.1. I need to improve my knowledge surrounding CDM Regulations 2015, in order to be able to recognise my duties and what I need to do, to comply with the regulations as I act for a Commercial Client. Through my construction law module I am learning about the different laws that are common throughout construction projects, which is helping me to understand them further and acknowledge my responsibilities. I am also researching the CDM Regulations 2015 outside of university, to be able to better comment on them, and have a greater understanding on what is expected of both myself, and my consultants and contractors on the projects I am working on.

3.2. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

3.2.1. I have a general understanding of the HSWA 1974, however, I lack knowledge in the legislations that lie underneath this act such as LOLER, PUWER, etc. I need to have an understanding of these underlying legislations and approved codes of practice in order to identify any possible risks on the risk maps I create for the team I work in. It is also necessary to find solutions for any possible risks associated with this act, and the legislations, and ACoP's. I have been researching and looking into previous case studies on the HSWA 1974, and its underlying legislations, to be able to have a more thorough understanding of the risks associated with them, and how to resolve any risks/stop them from occurring in the future. Currently the risk maps I create are not comprehensive in terms of these legislations, as I have a general understanding of the act, so my line manager reviews and adds in extra details surrounding this. I seek to become increasingly more independent in my risk maps, and also more comprehensive in my risks identified, and solutions offered.

3.3. Building Regulation Approved Documents

3.3.1. I have a minimal knowledge base surroudning the building regulations, which has improved slightly through my module surrounding this topic. It is an area that I am least familiar with through my role, and not something we need to know on a day to day basis, however a general understanding of the key parts of the document would help me to improve my work, and also to identify possible issues which I do not now see. I am currently researching and reading the approved documents, and the areas of most importance to the type of construction we do as an organisation. I have a general understanding of approved document B, which is fire safety. I will continue to develop my knowledge surrounding this documents, which will ultimately have an affect on the reviewing process of plans, and our briefs.

3.4. National Policy Framework

3.4.1. An understanding of the NPH is not an area that I have a great deal of knowledge in at this moment in time, due to my position within the organisation, as I am not responsible for sourcing opportunities, and making decisions on whether the schemes will receive planning permission. However, in order for me to progress further up within the organisation, a good understanding of the NPH is crucial as it will allow me to have an understanding of the planning framework in more detail, so that I can assess schemes before they reach the feasibility stage. To further develop my knowledge around the NPH, I have been reading the document provided on the Governments website, so that I can have a brief understanding of what it requires. I have also been reading into my Local Authorities planning documents and plans for the future, to understand what they are also looking for.