Folat & B12 Deficiency (1)

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Folat & B12 Deficiency (1) by Mind Map: Folat & B12 Deficiency (1)

1. Folat (Vit.B12)

1.1. Regular and reliable sources of vitamin B12 are essential for anyone eating a plant-based diet, both vitamin B12 supplements or foods fortified with vitamin B12. either 50 micrograms a day, or a dose of 2,000 micrograms once a week. The easiest and cheapest way is to drink it once a week.

1.1.1. Animal products (vegan) Absorption - Gastric-intrinsic acid ileal-terminal factor Can have repercussions: - Antasida and PPl - Percinious anemia - Crohn's disease

2. Folat (Vit.B9)

2.1. will form a Methylation & DNA Creation

2.1.1. - Accelerate division in infants / pregnant women - Leafy Vegetables - Grain Fortification - As a medicine for hemolytic anemia

3. Megaloblastic Anemia

3.1. megaloblastic hematocrit anemia is a macrocytic macrocytic anemia subtype refers to an increase in size red blood cells

3.1.1. can be: -Red blood cells (hematocrit) -MCV (measure of red blood cells) -Hypersegmented neutrophils - Homocysteine

4. Subacute Combined Degeneration

4.1. Symptoms include: - Subacute joint degeneration peripheral numbness / tingling - Spasticity - Loss of vibration and proprioception

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