A History of the World in Six Glasses

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A History of the World in Six Glasses by Mind Map: A History of the World in Six Glasses

1. Main Argument

1.1. Drink is very essential factor in human life

1.1.1. "Thirst is deadlier than hunger.... Only breathing matters more"(page 1)

1.2. The whole human history can be summarized with six drinks of Beer, Wine, Spirits, Coffee, Tea and Coca-Cola.

1.2.1. Drinks have continued to shape human history ever since. (1)

1.2.2. Six beverages have defined humankind's past,...(266)

1.3. Demonstrates the human adaption and culture development following the evolution of drinks.

1.3.1. Wine drinkers at an elaborate Roman feast. (79)

1.3.2. Redirect Notice

1.3.3. The author shows the culture of feast developed by the wine.

1.4. The seventh drink representing our future will be the water.

1.4.1. ..., but, which will embody its future? (266)

1.4.2. Ironically, it is also the drink that first steered the course of human development: water. (266)

1.4.3. There was international conflict on securing the source of clean water (Jordan River) between Syria and Israel.

1.4.4. Previous drinks such as beer and wine was developed due to uncertainty of clean water supply. This history bolsters the importance of clean water supply.

2. ‘You Can’t Bathe. You Can’t Wash.’ Water Crisis Hobbles Jackson, Miss., for Weeks

2.1. New York Times

2.2. March 11, 2021

2.3. Richard Fausset

2.4. Basically every Resident and Businesses of Jackson village is suffering due to the aging of water supply system.

2.4.1. The city’s water system, parts of which are more than 100 years old, was no match for the storm, the same weather event that crushed Texas’ power grid and water systems, leaving millions of Texans without heat or drinkable water. (Fausset)

2.4.2. Resident Residents like Ms. Willis are ready for the inconvenience to end. “You can’t bathe,” she said. “You can’t wash.” (Fausset)

2.4.3. Business Scott Evans, an owner of a dog-grooming service on the south side of Jackson, has been using a pickup to haul trash cans full of water from his home 18 miles away in Florence, Miss. (Fausset)

2.4.4. The importance of securing clean water and following inconvenience when we fail to secure it.

2.5. ‘You Can’t Bathe. You Can’t Wash.’ Water Crisis Hobbles Jackson, Miss., for Weeks

3. Connection

3.1. Securing Clean Water

3.1.1. I think this article can elaborate author's claim of water being the next drink representing the human history by showing the essence of clean water.

3.1.2. People of developed world keep buys and consumes bottle water due to their anxiety of having "clean water" even though its characteristic and source is nearly the same. There is no evidence that bottled water is any safer or healthier than the tap water available in developed nations, and in blinding tests, most people cannot tell the difference between two.(269) That is hardly surprising, since as much as 40 percent of bottled water sold in United States is, in fact, derived from tap water...(268) To have further analysis, when situation happened in this article is repeated, social anxiety of securing clean water will spread worldwide, contributing water to represent this period. This also can develop as international conflict like conflict between Syria and Israel stated above.