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Laksa by Mind Map: Laksa

1. Taste

1.1. A mix of two major factors is what allows for the dish to have such a variety of ingredients that go so well together. These include:

1.2. - The broth consists of a garlic and chicken stock mix, with dices of chilli and lemongrass has a good base consisting of light spice. This spice is evened out with coconut milk.

1.3. - The chilli paste added to mix in contains soy sauce for salt, with chilli paste and the laksa paste for the spice of the good.

2. Flavour

2.1. - the creaminess from the coconut milk

2.2. - sourness from limes included on the side of the dish.

2.3. - sweetness from sugar and lemongrass.

2.4. - the saltiness from the fish sauce

3. Symbolism

3.1. - This dish was a mix of all cultures that were heavily involved with trade in south east asia at the time. These traders were mainly chinese.

3.2. - Through the years various cultures around south east asia adapted the dish, by incorporating their own flavors and spices into the dish.

4. Personal Anecdotes

4.1. - Growing up in Singapore, with food courts being right around the corner. Going with the family at least one a month to have our favourite laksa.

4.2. - Army days, laksa was on once a week in the canteen and was always the highlight of the week for food. Even though being cooked for 5000 people at a time, the flavors were still so beautiful.

4.3. - Trying to find the best laksa in Sydney, and always comparing it to the Singaporean standards.

5. Multi sensory Experience

5.1. Sight - The dish has a very average look, with a large creamy red soup with a mix of vegetables and chunk of meat and tofu. However when sitting in a food court with all kinds of cultures and people around you with all these dishes, it makes you want to try the dish.

5.2. Sound - The loudness of the fans surrounding you, the slurping of soup, clapping of pans, it all adds to the experience when eating a laksa.

5.3. Smell - the smell of the mix of various spices and coconut milk is like no other, a sweet but spicy sensation that attracts you to trying the dish.

5.4. Touch - Usually eaten with chopsticks int he right hand, and a Chinese spoon in the left to collect the noodles and other ingredients, this is the only touch you feel while eating the dish.

5.5. Taste - Already mentioned in first branch of mind map.