FHW Mind Map

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FHW Mind Map by Mind Map: FHW Mind Map

1. Monthly guide of what to expect

1.1. Upcoming events

1.1.1. Church events Links to connect groups FHW Handbook

2. Setlists

2.1. Have a conversation with Pastor Josiah

2.1.1. Please ask Pastor Josiah of any special themes that are coming up for the holidays

3. Scheduling

3.1. Send out schedules by the 1st of every month for the FOLLOWING month

3.1.1. Give people until the 10th to respond (call on 8th and 9th so that way we have the hard data on the 10th. Finalized setlists are sent out by the 15th of every month.

4. Song Writing

4.1. dedication to a goal of writing one song per quarter!

4.1.1. Try to write a conference song Doesn't need to be perfect or super produced but let's get something out there Create a song writing team

4.1.2. MAKE A GOAL- stick to it

5. Communicating Building Needs

6. Audio

6.1. Live stream review

6.1.1. Can all instruments be heard at all time?

7. The MD Role

7.1. Follow the steps on a FHW Youtube on how we currently make our sessions

7.1.1. Basic Number System Rundown in the playlist Experiment with the special arrangements

8. Workshop Ideas

8.1. How to prepare

8.1.1. Background singers Video idea training tuesdays Chrome extension on transpose Youtube videos*

9. Delegation of Tasks to Leads

9.1. Team Care/Checking in on people

10. Data about the Worship Team

10.1. survey

10.1.1. ROSTERS Which campus? how much can you serve?

11. Accountability Protocol

12. Creating Sessions

12.1. Currently a conversation on standardization of a template (perhaps like TBCO)

12.1.1. Idea of utilizing multi tracks session making tool Video on how to make a session Song stem database maintenance- currently fragmented (maybe in a cloud?) Shared storage?

13. Updating FHW Handbook

14. Team Care

14.1. People who are still on the time who. haven't been scheduled for a long time and seeing how they are doing.

14.1.1. Worship Book Club Are they in a connect group? Checklist of check in questions to be iintentional Encourage to be a part of a connect group

15. Resources

15.1. Sending out mass email: mailchimp.com

15.1.1. Creating surveys: Google Forms or Jotform Creating cards that the whole team can sign: GroupGreeting.com Creating Sign-Ups for food/Coordinating Potlucks: Signupgenius.com

16. Website

17. Special Arrangements for Setlists

17.1. Like elevation does..

18. Protocol for Absences

18.1. Changing Setlists or changing songs?

18.1.1. Who will lead? Girl vs. Guy song? Does the singer request a sub or the scheduler request a sub?

19. Worship Team Kids

19.1. Help!

19.1.1. Food? Someone to watch during rehearsals?

20. Thinking ahead about Thanksgiving and Christmas

20.1. Theme based worship songs create templates

20.1.1. Think ahead about possible performances For spectalar performances- it REQUIRES work to begin in September/October...

21. Discipleship for Worship Singers

21.1. What are the steps form going to a worship singer to a worship leader

21.1.1. Practical ways with musical growth and intentional checkins for singers

22. New Worship Team Member Protocol

22.1. Welcome Kit with a note

22.1.1. Shoutout Maintain

23. Devotionals

23.1. Get a schedule going

23.1.1. Automate this....

24. Rehearsal Reform

24.1. Start on time

24.1.1. Make sure leader has materials prepared PRIOR to rehearsal Communicate expectations Be plugged in, tuned and instrument and mic in hand read to go by downbeat... not pluggin in at downbeat

25. Feedback on Livestream Performances

25.1. Should be on non service days

25.1.1. If possible, get worship leaders to watch themselves on the livestream and answer the following questions: Memorization Comments on exhortation and if it truly was connected to the song: critically assess

26. Conferences

26.1. Opener (brainstorm in advance when creativity strikes)

26.1.1. is there measureable improvement? or encourntering the same problem? Dialing in Asking Audio people to stick to a template How to dial in?

26.1.2. Special performance Pre-party entertainment setlist for every night

27. Special Songs/Artists

27.1. Create an ongoing list of contact info of past musicians we have worked with

27.1.1. Create a list of musicians to work with in the future (frequent collaborations) Create a building schedule for the worship team on a monthly basis to ensure the stage is ready to be used for rehearsals Create a list in advance of special songs for the entire year and if creativity strikes: change it! ultimately- make a template Also make considerations for other non musical elements (such a soundscaping, lighting, props, other church members that dance etc.,

28. Group Me Community/Spotlighting Volunteers

28.1. Volunteer highlights on Group Me

28.1.1. Birthday celebration data Post a clip and post on group me: be intentional about putting it on group me

29. Appreciation for Volunteers

29.1. Host a team night

29.1.1. Make gift bags for new team members

30. Community building Events like Team Nights

30.1. Worship Connect group

30.1.1. Team hangs between church services Game night Summer Ideas: Cover challenge upload a video of you performing any song by a certain date and we will livestream our talent show

31. Audition Process

31.1. Growth Track: SET OURSELVES APART

31.1.1. QR: Google Interest Form Quick get to know me Submit a video Or write a note in the mail

32. Musical Competency

32.1. Singers knowing lyrics- no phones

32.1.1. Number system Workshops