Installing my Wordpress blog

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Installing my Wordpress blog by Mind Map: Installing my Wordpress blog

1. <START HERE> Decide on a domain name

1.1. About domain names

1.2. Domain name do's & don'ts

1.3. Search for a domain name

2. Set up some essentials

2.1. Update my date and time settings

2.2. Update my urls to permalinks

2.3. Create an XML sitemap

2.4. Activate the antispam Akismet plugin

2.4.1. Get the Wordpress api key first here

3. Securing my blog

3.1. Limiting login attempts

3.2. SABRE:Anti BOT registration

3.3. Secure the installation

4. Choose a domain host

4.1. Choose a host with Wordpress auto installed

4.1.1. GoDaddy

4.1.2. Hostgator

4.1.3. Bluehost

4.1.4. Dreamhost

4.1.5. HostIcan

4.2. Install WP manually on my existing host

4.2.1. Download the latest Wordpress version

4.2.2. Unpack the zip file and upload to my webhost

4.2.3. Run the famous 5 minute install

5. back to my blog plan

6. Choosing a theme