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Installing my Wordpress blog by Mind Map: Installing my Wordpress blog
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Installing my Wordpress blog

This map is a checklist, a plan, of the tasks that you must do to ensure that you get off to a smooth start with your Wordpress blog. Start at the top, task 1 and move round in a clockwise direction.

<START HERE> Decide on a domain name

Note that you can register your domain name and save money when you order your hosting account in step 2

About domain names

Domain name do's & don'ts

Search for a domain name

Set up some essentials

Update my date and time settings

Update my urls to permalinks

This will require you to create an .htaccess file on your server containing the commands to set your permanent link style

Create an XML sitemap

A sitemap is important in assisting google when spidering your site.

Activate the antispam Akismet plugin

Securing my blog

Limiting login attempts

SABRE:Anti BOT registration

Secure the installation

Choose a domain host

Choose a host with Wordpress auto installed

Get cheap domains included with your hosting too.

Install WP manually on my existing host

back to my blog plan

Choosing a theme