Food and Nutrition

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Food and Nutrition by Mind Map: Food and Nutrition

1. Step Two

1.1. Prioritize

1.1.1. "Welcome" Email

2. Step Four

2.1. Case Plan

3. Step Five

3.1. Platform Configuration

3.1.1. Users Creation

3.1.2. Search Creation and Configuration with Keywords

3.1.3. Add Social Media Profiles

3.1.4. Test Configuration and Analyse First Results

4. Step One

4.1. Member Identification

4.1.1. Request Admin Details

4.1.2. Choose a Scup Plan

4.1.3. Request Finance Information (Company Registration Number, Finance Contact...)

4.1.4. Account Registration

4.1.5. Scup will contact with bill and account confirmation

5. Step Three

5.1. Member Assigned

5.1.1. Define Keywords

5.1.2. Define Social Media Presence (specify which SM to monitor)

5.1.3. Define Competitors

5.1.4. Define Websites or Sources to Monitor

5.1.5. Login Details of Social Media Profiles if SM management required