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ePortfolio by Mind Map: ePortfolio
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Consultation with


world of work




Give deadline

Cut budget

Fullfil the needs

Support the early adopters

1 portfolio for many students

≠ 1 student in many portfolios


Data as an ecosystem

Adaptation, by the institutions, not by the students

Bring your own, data (Serge Ravet), devices (Helen Barrett)

Add value

Open Badges


Let them manage the system

Must be "early bird" adopters


Must be "early bird" adopters

ePortfolio as

an extension to the actual system

a new pedagogic tool

1 Institution

Gives its vision/needs

Starts with ePortfolio

in 1 subject?

in vocational training?

IT Staff

One ring to rule them all

Single Sign On (SSO)


Tension between

Student centred tool

Hosted by the institution

Open ePortfolio (Don Presant)

Various ideas

Don't use ePortfolio as a teaching tool, let users decide to engage with it, and how to engage with it

Finland has had, ePortfolio for 2 years, and teachers + students immediately understood the needs and the usages