Mammoth Cave

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Mammoth Cave by Mind Map: Mammoth Cave

1. limestone

1.1. soft

1.1.1. dissolves creates the cave hollow

1.2. light/gray

1.2.1. smooth made from shells and bones

2. water

2.1. snow

2.2. rain

2.3. surface river

2.4. surface streams

2.4.1. goes in holes & crack

3. rock

3.1. sandstone

3.1.1. hard rock creates the outer walls of cave the roof of rock on the top of the cave

3.1.2. red/brown/ made from layers of sand and silt rough

4. time

4.1. millions of years

4.1.1. before the dinosaurs roamed the earth

5. plants and animals

5.1. decay

5.1.1. acid

5.2. fern