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types of shops by Mind Map: types of shops

1. jewellery shop / jeweller('s [shop])

1.1. a shop where you can buy rings, bracelets, necklaces etc.

2. jewellery store

3. flower shop | florist('s [shop])

3.1. a shop where they arrange and sell flowers

4. market

4.1. market traders (people who work on a market) have stalls that sell fruit and vegetables, clothes, household items and so on

5. shopping centre | mall

5.1. a large building with a lot of shops, restaurants, and sometimes a cinema

6. hairdresser | barber

6.1. a shop where you can get a haircut or a shave

7. DIY store

7.1. sells things for home improvement

7.2. DIY stands for 'Do it yourself'

8. optician

8.1. sells glasses / contact lenses

9. stationer

9.1. sells paper goods

10. newsagent

10.1. sells newspapers and magazines

11. chemist

11.1. sells medicines and toiletries

12. fishmonger

12.1. sells fresh fish

13. greengrocer

13.1. sells fresh fruit and vegetables

14. butcher

14.1. sells fresh meat

15. baker

15.1. sells fresh bread and cakes

16. travel agent

16.1. a shop where people can plan holidays and make travel arrangements

17. toy shop

17.1. sells all kinds of toys

18. music shop

18.1. a shop that sells CDs, records or musical instruments

19. flea market

19.1. a group of stalls selling old furniture or clothes

20. shoe shop

20.1. sells shoes

21. clothes shop

21.1. sells clothes

22. hardware shop

22.1. sells hard goods, such as nails and screws

23. delicatessen (deli)

23.1. a shop that sells food (cooked meat, cheese, wine, ...) from other countries

24. bookshop

24.1. sells books

25. petshop

25.1. sells pets and pet food

26. tea shop

26.1. like a cafe, but sells tea and cakes

27. petrol station

27.1. sells petrol, car products and sometimes food

28. department store

28.1. a large shop that sells many different things in different sections

28.2. Harrods is probably the world's best known department store.

29. supermarket

29.1. a large shop that sells mostly food and household items

30. grocer

30.1. a shop that sells food