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Outbound by Mind Map: Outbound

1. Potential Unfulfilled Delivery

1.1. 1. Alert is triggered when job is unassigned for :

1.1.1. a) 40mins before reservation starts (for booking created < 110mins in advance)

1.2. 2. Contact member to offer self pick-up or cancellation

1.2.1. If member opt for self pickup, advise member to return the car at the drop-off location provided and that we will collect the car at the end of the reservation.

1.2.2. If member insist on returning the car to zone: - cancel pick up job on DT, and - inform dasher (if assigned)

1.2.3. If member is unreachable (RNA), send email to member, asking them to reach out to us via live chat for replacement

2. Manage unavailability block

2.1. An alert will be triggered when an issue ticket & unavailability created clashes with upcoming booking(s)

2.2. 1. Check on the user details of the upcoming booking

2.2.1. If future booking is a CAR WASH booking, no further action is required

2.2.2. If future booking is of another member, proceed to step 2.

2.3. 2. Contact the user for the future booking and offer replacement

2.3.1. If no replacement is found, cancel the booking with full refund

2.4. 3. Add note to the ticket with actions taken

2.4.1. Replacement details:

3. Car idled for 24 hours - Far from zone

3.1. Alert will be triggered when car is more than 150m away from zone more than 24 hours without a booking

3.2. 1. Click on the listing link stated on the Freshdesk ticket

3.3. 2. On the listing page, check for the DFZ (Distance from zone)

3.3.1. Alternatively, you can check in GB for the exact distance of car

3.4. 3. If car is at zone (<0.150km away)

3.4.1. a) Resolve the ticket Contact Reason L1: Preemptive Measures L2: Far From Zone L3: The actions taken

3.5. 4. If car is NOT at zone (≥0.150km away)

3.5.1. a) Check if the car was under block Car was under a block i) Click on Expand > Management > Availability Tracker ii) Check who created the block/ticket last Car was NOT under a block i) Check the return inspection of the last completed booking ii) Check if the car is at zone based on inspection photos

4. Return Delay

4.1. Refer to Return Delay SOP