Genres et sous-genres du jeux vidéo

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Genres et sous-genres du jeux vidéo by Mind Map: Genres et sous-genres du jeux vidéo

1. Jeu de rôle

1.1. Action-RPG (The Legend of Zelda, Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Mass Effect)

1.2. Hack 'n' slash (Diablo, Torchlight, Titan Quest)

1.3. MMORPG (World of Warcraft, Star Wars : the Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, Ragnarök Online, Dofus)

1.4. Multi-user dungeon (Omerta, MultiMUD)

1.5. RPG japonais (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Pokémon)

1.6. RPG occidental (Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, The Elder Scrolls)

1.7. Rogue-like (Rogue, Binding of Isaac)

1.8. Tactical-RPG (Fire Emblem, Bahamut Lagoon, Advance Wars)

2. Action

2.1. Beat them all (Street of Rage, Viewtiful Joe, God of War)

2.2. Combat (Street Fighter, Tekken, Super Smash Bros., Soul Calibur)

2.3. Plates-formes (Super Mario Bros, Rayman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot)

2.4. Tir

2.4.1. First Person Shooter (Doom, Wolfenstein, Battlefield, Metroid, Medal of Honor)

2.4.2. Rail shooter (Time Crisis, Star Fox)

2.4.3. Shoot them up (Space Invaders, Metal Slug)

2.4.4. Tactical Shooter (Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon)

2.4.5. Third Person Shooter (Gears of War, Resident Evil)

3. Stratégie

3.1. Jeu d'artillerie (Worms, Angry Birds)

3.2. Simulation stratégique en temps réel (Europa Universalis, Victoria, Hearts of Iron)

3.3. Stratégie 4x (Civilization, Sins of a Solar Empire, Master of Orion)

3.4. Stratégie au tour par tour (Heroes of Might and Magic, X-COM)

3.5. Stratégie en temps réel (Age of Empires, Warcraft, StarCraft, Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War, Command and Conquer)

3.5.1. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (Defense of the Ancients, League of Legends)

3.5.2. Tower Defense (Onslaught 2, Desktop Tower Defense)

4. Simulation

4.1. Gestion (Caesar, Pharaon, Zoo Tycoon, Theme Hospital)

4.2. God game (Black & White, Populous, From Dust)

4.3. Simulation de métier (Farming Simulator, Bûcheron Simulator)

4.4. Simulation de vie (Les Sims, Animal Crossing, Creatures)

4.5. Simulation de véhicules (Flight Simulator, Pilot Academy)

4.6. Élevage (Nintendogs, Webkinz)

5. Aventure

5.1. Aventure textuelle (Zork)

5.2. Film interactif (Dragon's Lair)

5.3. Aventure graphique (Myst, Sam & Max : Hit the Road, Day of the Tentacle, Phoenix Wright)

5.4. Simulation de drague (Tokimeki Memorial, Meine Liebe)

5.5. Visual novel (Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki, White Album)

6. Réflexion

6.1. Puzzle (Tetris, Dr. Mario, Puzzle Bobble)

6.2. Objets cachés (Mystery Case Files : Huntsville)

6.3. Labyrinthe (Pac-Man)

6.4. Autres (Lemmings, Gobliiins, Bomberman)

7. Action-Aventure

7.1. GTA-like (Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Prototype, Assassin's Creed)

7.2. Infiltration (Splinter Cell, Metal Gear, Hitman)

7.3. Survival-horror (Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil, Penumbra, Silent Hill)

8. Autres

8.1. Casse-briques (Breakout, Arkanoid, Nervous Brickdown)

8.2. Course (Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, F-Zero)

8.2.1. Combat motorisé (Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing)

8.2.2. Sim racing (GT Legends, Grand Prix Legends)

8.3. Party game (Mario Party, WarioWare, Les Lapins Crétins)

8.4. Rythme (Guitar Hero, Donkey Konga, PaRappa the Rapper)

8.5. Sport

8.5.1. Arcade (Mario Tennis, Mario Smash Football, Sega Football)

8.5.2. Gestion (Football Manager, Championship Manager)

8.5.3. Simulation (FIFA, Madden NFL)

9. Inclassables

9.1. Arcade (Pac-Man, Alien Hominid, Pong, Street Fighter)

9.2. Bac à sable (Minecraft, Les Sims, Terraria, EVE Online)

9.3. Casual game (Tetris, Doodle Jump, Angry Birds, Wii Sports)

9.4. Jeu en ligne (jeux en Flash, jeux Facebook)

9.4.1. Massive Multiplayer Online Game (Ogame, Travian, Les Royaumes Renaissants)

9.5. Serious game (America's Army, Food Force)

9.5.1. Jeu éducatif (Adibou, Adi, Rayman Junior)