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Article 244(A) by Mind Map: Article 244(A)

1. Why in news?

1.1. Demand for implementation from hill areas of Assam

2. provisions

2.1. inserted in the constitition

2.1.1. In 1969

2.2. Provides for

2.2.1. legislature

2.2.2. Council of ministers

2.3. Allows for creation of an autonomous state within Assam

2.3.1. In certain tribal areas

3. Difference with the 6th schedule

3.1. Art 244 (A)

3.1.1. Accounts for more autonomous powers To tribal areas

3.1.2. Control over law and order

3.2. 6th schedule

3.2.1. No control over law and order To autonomous councils

4. 6th schedule

4.1. Art 244(2) and Art 275 (1)

4.2. provisions

4.2.1. Allows autonomous councils administered by elected representatives in certain tribal areas Affect Greater political autonomy Decentralised governance Effective in Dima Hasao Karbi Anglong West Karbi Bodo Territorial Region

5. When did the demand arise ?

5.1. Demand for a separate hill state

5.1.1. In 1950s

5.1.2. In undivided Assam

5.1.3. By certain tribal sections

5.2. All Party Hill Leaders Conference

5.2.1. In 1960

5.2.2. Various political parties of the hill areas merged to form

5.2.3. Demands Separate state for hill areas Affect

5.2.4. Karbi Anglong and North Cachar hills were also part of it Were given the option to stay back in Assam or join Meghalaya Stayed In Assam Demanded more powers as promised