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Office Move by Mind Map: Office Move
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Office Move

Tenant Work

New Office Walls (Len)

A/C to new office (VKL)

Move Boardroom Door (VKL)

Boardroom Light Switch (VKL)

What voltage? (VKL)-Jane-120/208

Pick Colour (MS)

Doors for offices (Len)

Windows for offices (Len)


Landlord Work

Remove Dividers

Redo floors


Survey Power

Remove paint from light fixture

#316: Move door back

Purchase trim paint (white)

New Mezz lt fixtures need paint touchup

8-outlet covers missing

Office Contents

Friday: 1. 2-spare wkstns down to locker 2. Old files down to locker 3.  

Order Bins (VKL)

Fill Bins (ALL)

Move Bins (Movers)

Empty Bins (All)

Return Bins (VKL) Fri May 8

Purging accts binders (VKL)


Space Plan (VKL)

Label Components (VKL)

Sell Excess (VKL)

Store Spares (VKL)

Label Locations (VKL)

Book Movers (CG)

B.O.Mtls to Gail Kaye

Disassemble (Movers)

Move (Movers)

Reassemble (Movers)


Call woodworker (VKL)

Reshape desks (SDI)

Move Shelves (Len)

Add table legs where needed (VKL)

Check one hutch for connection method (VKL)



Book Allstream (MS)

Patch Panel (MS)

Call TRC (MS)

Move Phones (MS)


Patch Panel, Call Orrett (MS)

Power for Servers (MS)

Move Rack (MS)

Move Servers (MS)

Frankland Solution (MS)

Voice/Data Plan (VKL)


Pack Up (All)

Move (MS)

Set Up (All)

Move Alarm REf # 343-159 (VKL) Mon May 4th

Customers / Suppliers

Letterhead / Cards (VKL)

Address Change Cards (VKL)

Mail redirect (VKL)

Website Update (MS)

Telephone Message (VKL)

Call TRC-prob w/ access

Email Notification (MS)

Open House

Notify cleaners of change (VKL)

Quote for #446

Insurance: add gen'l liability for #446 (VKL) Tracy

Cdn Springs Water (VKL)

"We are moving msg" into April invoices


Server needs dedicated circuit (VK) & Craig

Outlet covers need unified colour (VKL)