The Boulder Synthesizer Meetup 411

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The Boulder Synthesizer Meetup 411 by Mind Map: The Boulder Synthesizer Meetup 411

1. Join the Group on

1.1. Use as primary way to communicate to funnel communications and reinforce group.

1.2. Social media for awareness but funnel traffic back to meetup

1.2.1. Boulder

1.2.2. Twitter

1.2.3. Facebook

2. Who

2.1. Hosted by Mark Mosher of Modulate This!

2.2. Synth fans and enthusiasts in around Boulder County

3. What

3.1. Vibe

3.1.1. Eat, Drink, Synth, Connect

3.2. Format is Casual and Interactive

3.2.1. 7:00-7:15 Welcome + Order Up Food and Drink Those who RSVPd get a name tag with a number. # is used for drawing at end of night. generates print-ready pdf with nametags for those that RSVP

3.2.2. 7:15-8:00 Presentations/Performances

3.2.3. 8:00-8:30 Group Intros & Round-Table on Current Projects

3.2.4. 8:30-8:55 Hangout and Hands-on

3.2.5. 8:55-9:00 Wrapup & Giveaway* * drawing for those who RSVPd (and their guests) up to 24 hours before start of meetup. Must be present to be eligible for drawing.

4. When

4.1. Second Tuesdays

4.1.1. Predictable date improves attendance

4.2. Visit for link to next meetup

5. Follow Up After Meetup

5.1. Use Discussion forum for notes

5.2. Post Photos