Behavior Strategies and Resources

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Behavior Strategies and Resources by Mind Map: Behavior Strategies and Resources

1. What to do in a crisis situation

1.1. TikTok

1.2. Steps to Follow in a Peak

1.3. Remain Calm

1.4. Notify contact person of situation

1.5. Determine if you will isolate student outside of classroom or if you will clear the room and isolate student inside.

1.6. Goal is to help student calm down

1.7. This point you are directive – stating or writing options – “let’s take a break, let’s try this sensory strategy,” keep any language brief and direct/to the point

1.8. Give space – no reasoning asking why

1.9. Physically distance yourself keep open non-threatening stance

1.10. Continue to offer choices for options to calm down until student has come down

2. Strategies for Elopement (running away)


3. Overall PBS strategies


4. Strategies for Oppositional Defiant Behaviors


5. Positive Behavior Mindset