Annie Orkins

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Annie Orkins by Mind Map: Annie Orkins

1. General Health

1.1. Chronic Kidney Disease

1.1.1. Recent hospital stay Wasn't enjoyable

1.1.2. Has specialist appointment Concerned about transport and Lily ACHN will organize transport

1.2. T2DM

1.2.1. Not a lot of education about BGL recent BGL have been inconsistent

1.3. HTN

1.4. Has been inconsistent with medications

1.4.1. clinic help to manage medication

2. Psychosocial

2.1. High connection to mob/ community groups in Queensland

2.1.1. ACHN organize joining an elder group

2.2. Son and daughter in law at work

2.2.1. feeling lonely

3. Physical Environment

3.1. Lives in Queensland

3.1.1. Lives with daughter and 3 grandchildren

3.1.2. Spends a lot of time at Aboriginal health services

3.2. Down visiting family

3.2.1. Son, daughter in law, and 9 month daughter Lily.

4. Activities/Hobbies

4.1. Gardening

4.2. Babysitting grandchildren

4.2.1. Feeling tired