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1. Charter of Rights and Freedom

1.1. Fundamental Freedoms

1.2. Mobility Rights

1.3. Legal Rights

1.4. Equality Rights

2. Residential Schools

2.1. The purpose of the residential schools was to eliminate all aspects of Aboriginal culture.

2.2. In 1969, the system was taken over by the Department of Indian Affairs, ending church involvement. The government decided to phase out the schools, but this met with resistance from the Catholic Church, which felt that segregated education was the best approach for Indigenous children.

3. Types of Government

3.1. Legislative

3.1.1. Judicial Executive Enforces the laws

3.1.2. Judges how the law is applied

3.2. Makes the laws

4. Elections

4.1. Voting

4.1.1. Media Governor General Prime Minister Premier

4.1.2. Media is a means of mass communication. All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perception and arbitrary views.

4.2. 1.Register

4.3. 2. Find out when and where to vote

4.4. 3. Go and vote

5. Making A Law

5.1. 1. Create a bill

5.1.1. 2. First Reading

5.1.2. A bill is proposed. Usually created by the governing party.

5.2. The bill is read and printed.

5.2.1. 3. Second Reading 4.Committees 5. Third Reading Bill read with all changes, debate final details Study and change wording and details

5.2.2. MPs debate and discuss overall ideas