My TCSL teacher identity

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My TCSL teacher identity by Mind Map: My TCSL teacher identity

1. a multi-language expert

1.1. proficient in Chinese, English or other languages

1.2. a good master of translation

1.3. focus on the relationship between linguistic and culture

2. a student-centered mentor

2.1. facilitators or guides who adjust class to meet learners needs

2.2. friends to be able to communicate and address the cultural conflicts

2.3. assistants to help learners know the reasons of different cultures

3. a communicator of Chinese traditional culture

3.1. implement and communicate specialist knowledge like Calligraphy, paper -cutting,painting, wushu

3.2. appreciation ability in Chinese arts and drama. etc

3.3. willingness to use and curiosity about specialist knowledge

4. transfer and respect on diversity cultures, histories and politics

4.1. Emic perspective to understand different cultures

4.2. insist on religious and racial equality

4.3. present different culture for students and diversity histories and politics to reduce their uncertainty and anxiety

4.4. help students to know respect is the first rule of international communication

5. Work in international groups

5.1. work and live overseas or in international schools

5.2. good at intergroup contact, avoid Conflict and objective attitude

5.3. willingness to engage in interaction, collaboration and show tolerance

6. continuously self-reflection

6.1. lifelong learner

6.2. keep up with the times and exercising role distance and selfcriticism

6.3. non-stop in updating teaching concepts and methods

6.4. knowing and reflecting on one’s own strengths and weaknesses