U.S Interstate System CARS

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U.S Interstate System CARS by Mind Map: U.S Interstate System CARS

1. Electric Cars

1.1. Uses Less Oil in cars, and is more efficient for our ecosystems

1.1.1. Renewable Energy

1.2. More expensive

2. Gas Cars

2.1. Miles per gallon varies on each car, and are not very eco-friendly

2.2. Higher CO2 emissions

2.3. Respiratory illnesses including aggravated asthma

3. Diesel Cars

3.1. Produces a lot of ground level ozone and is hurtful for environment

4. Hybrid Cars

4.1. Use alternative forms of fuel, can be effective and efficient

4.2. More efficient than gas and diesel, less than electric.

5. Allows for Easy Travel

5.1. Efficient socially for consumers

5.2. Convenient

6. A cultural norm to own a car

6.1. Most people own a car due to travel efficiency

6.2. People us car to travel to work

7. Allows for Time Efficient Travel

7.1. Faster travel