Issues of food distribution in Singapore

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Issues of food distribution in Singapore by Mind Map: Issues of food distribution in Singapore

1. Pakaging

1.1. Cans

1.1.1. Dents in cans may contaminate food

1.2. Packets

1.2.1. snacks such as potato chips Expensive due to nice packaging

1.3. Glass containers

1.3.1. Usually contain liquids Easily breakable

1.3.2. Sometimes classy

1.4. Industries

1.4.1. Machines may pack wrongly Throw rejected food away

2. wastage

2.1. Supermarkets

2.1.1. Food if not sold in time may be expired Leading to discarding food

2.2. Households

2.2.1. Low-income Cannot afford expensive food for example sold at upmarket places More limited choices of food

2.2.2. Middle-income Buying too much food for comsuption

2.2.3. High-income Not having a thought about leftovers Throwing away leftovers after meals

2.3. Food manufacturers

2.3.1. Not manage production properly, causing wastage May throw away food should process go wrong

3. storage

3.1. Trading companies

3.1.1. Make more profit Prices may shoot up by a high margin

3.2. Warehouses

3.2.1. Clean and ideal place for storage

3.2.2. If the food is frozen, storage becomes more expensive due to air-conditioned environment

4. Places which sell food

4.1. Supermarkets

4.1.1. NTUC For the public Generally more reasonable prices

4.1.2. Cold storage Generally sell upmarket goods More expensive prices

5. Food is common in Singapore, and here we have all types of food. Prices are also reasonable due to big supermarket chains such as NTUC which controls the prices of food. However, sometimes we take it for granted and ignore leftovers after meals. We should be more mindful as there are still minorities who do not receive enough food every day.