Education & Achievement

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Education & Achievement by Mind Map: Education & Achievement

1. Gender

1.1. Socialisation

1.1.1. Parents tend to buy girls and boys different toys.

1.2. Job market

1.3. Teacher/pupil interactions

1.4. Curriculum

1.5. Hidden curriculum

2. Ethnicity

3. Social Class

3.1. Material deprivation

3.1.1. lack of money no access to resources such as books, computers etc.

3.2. Parents' attitude

3.2.1. the degree of interest and encouragement.

3.3. Speech patterns

3.3.1. middle-class children are more likely to have their writing and speaking skills developed to a higher standard at an earlier age than working-class children.

3.4. Cultural deprivation

3.4.1. the norms and values of the working-class differ from the norms and values of the middle-class institution of schools.

3.5. Teacher/pupil interactions

3.5.1. Teachers are inevitably involved in making judgements and classifying pupils.