Alchemy for Non Marketers

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Alchemy for Non Marketers by Mind Map: Alchemy for Non Marketers

1. Getting Started

1.1. Signup

1.1.1. First Name, Last Name

1.1.2. Contact Number

1.1.3. Work email

1.1.4. OTP

1.2. Setup your Account

1.2.1. Account Name

1.2.2. Industry Category Sub Category

1.2.3. User Management Invite Colleagues

1.2.4. Legal Details

1.2.5. Financial Details Bank Account Credit Cards

1.2.6. Addition optional details Org Size / Marketing team size Marketing Challenge Annual Turnover

1.2.7. Referrals Referral Status Discounts

1.2.8. Billing and Invoice

1.3. Manage Your Brands

1.3.1. Brand One Purpose / Vision / Mission Brand Promise Value Proposition Target Audience Market Retention & Reasons GALE Cards

1.3.2. Brand two

1.4. Setup your profile

1.4.1. Profile of a Marketer (Behance) Keep Private, Public Follow Publish Thoughts Display Work / Case Studies Post Challenges

1.4.2. Connect with Linkedin

2. Manage Your Online Presence

2.1. Website

2.1.1. Yes Website 1 Connect Google Analytics Conduct a website Audit Website 2

2.1.2. No Do you want one? Capture lead

2.1.3. Skip

2.2. Mobile App

2.2.1. Yes ioS Conduct an audit Android Conduct an audit

2.2.2. No Do you want one? Capture lead

2.2.3. Skip / Do it later

2.3. Social Media

2.3.1. yes Facebook Personal Business Twitter Linkedin Personal Business Youtube Instagram Personal Business Google my business Google Maps Pinterest

2.3.2. No Do you want help in setting up your channels?

2.4. Blogs

2.4.1. Medium

2.4.2. Linkedin

2.5. Search

2.5.1. SEO Keywords Analysis Daily Rankings Keyword Ideas Content Ideas Website Audit Speed Analysis Audience Acquition Conversions Page Analysis Competitor Analysis Solicit Competitor Websites Do a comparison Provide action items Backlinks Search Engine Result Page Page score Page Speed

2.5.2. SEM

2.6. Marketplaces

2.6.1. Amazon

2.6.2. Flipkart

2.6.3. Zomato

2.6.4. Indiamart

2.6.5. Udaan

2.7. Messaging

2.7.1. Whatsapp

2.7.2. SMS DLT Integration Content Templates ID Management Broadcast Campaign

3. GALE Digital Marketing Academy

4. Listen

4.1. Dashboard / Topic

4.1.1. Setup Keywords to include AND/OR logics Keywords to mute Channels to listen to

4.1.2. Gather Posts List View Chronological Most Engaging Max Reach Trending Category Filter

4.1.3. Internal Actions on Post Assign Owner Categorise (Testimonial, Complain, feedback, etc) Define SLAs Email Triggers and Notifications Flag/s Customer's comment

4.1.4. Analyse Demographics Sentiment analysis Channel Analysis Influencers & Detracters Keyword Tag Clougs drill down to view content drill down to view tag clouds

4.1.5. Internal Actions on People Convert to lead Watch for more Mark as detracter Assign an owner Categorize / Segment Is Customer Add phone number, location, etc.

5. Engage Audience

5.1. Posts

5.1.1. List View

5.1.2. Most Engaging

5.1.3. Max Reach

5.1.4. Trending

5.1.5. Category Filter

5.2. People

5.2.1. Influencers

5.2.2. Top commenters

5.2.3. Max Likes

5.2.4. Most Negative / Detracters

5.3. Internal Actions on Post

5.3.1. Assign Owner

5.3.2. Categorise (Testimonial, Complain, feedback, etc)

5.3.3. Define SLAs

5.3.4. Email Triggers and Notifications

5.3.5. Flag/s

5.3.6. Customer's comment

5.4. Action on Posts

5.4.1. Comment, Like, Share (RT)

5.4.2. View Profile

5.4.3. RT

5.5. Internal Actions on People

5.5.1. Convert to lead

5.5.2. Watch for more

5.5.3. Mark as detracter

5.5.4. Assign an owner

5.5.5. Categorize / Segment

5.5.6. Is Customer

5.5.7. Add phone number, location, etc.

5.6. Action on People

5.6.1. DM

5.6.2. Follow

5.7. Publish Content

5.7.1. Create a post Rich Content Editor Image Location Emojis Import content from Content Library Select channels to post Preview (for each channel) Targetting (for each channel) Schedule / Post Suggestions Optimal Time Expected Engagement Budget to boost Drafts Categorize (Regular, Question, Giveaway, Contest, Game, Information, Reshare, CYO)

5.7.2. Content Library Archieve All Posts All Creatives Content Ideas Keyword based post suggestions Image Library Keyword based image suggestions

5.7.3. Calendar Calendar View Queue View Easy Rescheduling (Drag Drop)

5.7.4. Content Approval Flow Property Manager > Brand Manager > Account Manager Edit, Reschedule, Post Delete post-live Rejected, Pending Reviews

6. Ads Manager

7. Digital Asset Management

8. CRM

8.1. Lead Management

8.2. Customer Management

8.3. Database Marketing

8.4. Journey Builder

9. Email

10. Budget Management

11. Analytics