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Consumer behavior by Mind Map: Consumer behavior

1. Decision making process

1.1. Needs and wants (Need recognition)

1.1.1. Internal (hunger) or external (advertisement) stimuli

1.1.2. Maslow's need hierarchy 3. Love and belonging 1. biological and physiological needs

1.1.3. Herzberg's two factor motivation theory

1.2. Information search

1.2.1. strong motivation or easily available - no additional information

1.2.2. personal, commercial, public sources or experience

1.3. Evaluation of alternatives

1.4. Purchase decision

1.4.1. purchase of the highest ranked item influenced by attitudes of others situation factors (income, expectations, unexpected event) might lead to changing the intention

1.5. Post-purchase

1.5.1. Satisfied Loyalty

1.5.2. Dissatisfied Shared with friends and family

2. Factors influencing DMP

2.1. Psychological

2.1.1. Motivation Freud - behavior influenced by subconsciousness Maslow?

2.1.2. Perception Subjectively perceived value - based on marketing mix Marketing Mix

2.1.3. Learning Knowledge

2.1.4. Believes and Attitudes Values Local brand can endorse personal and cultural values (Burge 2013) def in Kasnaeny 2013, p 20

2.2. Social

2.2.1. Family

2.2.2. Social groups

2.2.3. Friends

2.3. Personal

2.3.1. Age

2.3.2. Occupation

2.3.3. Financial situation

2.3.4. Lifestyle

2.3.5. Personality and self-image Characteristic buyers Perfectionism or high-quality Brand consciousness Novelty-fashion Recreational, hedonistic price and "value for money" Impulsiveness Confusion from overchoice Habitual, brand-loyal Freud

2.4. Cultural

2.5. Situational factors

3. Consumer involvment

3.1. High and Low involvment

3.1.1. Risk connected to buying a wrong product and the amount of time spent on deciding

3.1.2. “Olshavsky and Granbois (1979)" in Kassa

4. Theory of planned behavior

4.1. Ajzen and Fisbach

4.2. TPB