Infinitive and definitive articles

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Infinitive and definitive articles by Mind Map: Infinitive and definitive articles

1. imagen

2. Examples of AN

2.1. Is that an orange?

2.2. We'll see you in an hour

2.3. I want an apple

3. Infinitive articles

3.1. AN

3.1.1. AN is used with the nouns starting with Vowel Sounds

3.2. A

3.2.1. A is used with the nouns starting with consonant sounds

4. Definitive articles

4.1. The

4.1.1. The is used for specific nuns like a certrain person or a particular thing.

5. Examples of A

5.1. I have a pencil

5.2. She is with a man

5.3. I brought a table

6. Examples of the

6.1. I have a pencil

6.2. She is with a man

6.3. I brought a table

7. imagen