Walker & White Chapter 1

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Walker & White Chapter 1 by Mind Map: Walker & White Chapter 1

1. Roles of Technology in learning

1.1. Tool

1.1.1. Facilitates the learning rather than the use of technology. Mediates communication between users.

1.2. Tutor

1.2.1. The computer teaches the language

1.3. Tutee

1.3.1. The Learner teaches the computer

2. Call History

2.1. Warschahuer and Kern (2000)

2.1.1. 1- Structural CALL: Focus and form and not meaning (grammar, phonology, etc)

2.1.2. 2- Communicative CALL: Language is constructed in the learner's mind, and its main approach is CLT.

2.1.3. 3- Integrative CALL: The use of Multimedia programs and the internet.

2.2. Bax (2003)

2.2.1. 1- Restricted CALL: The language is restricted by the type of programs.

2.2.2. 2- Open CALL: Includes open-ended interactions with computers and other users.

2.2.3. 3- Integrated CALL: The use of technology as an everyday thing. Devices smaller than computers and the ability of these to use internet and multimedia.

3. Digital Competence

3.1. Procedural competence: the ability to manipulate technology.

3.2. Socio-digital competence: understanding what is appropiate to use in different contexts.

3.3. Digital discourse competence: the ability to manage several programs to create a discourse, text, video, blog, etc.

3.4. Strategic competence: the ability to fix problemas and to work around the gaps of technology.

4. From CALL to TELL

4.1. CALL: It only uses computers in learning, it is limited and technology was not still normalized.

4.2. TELL: Includes a wider range of devices, such as, tablets, smartphones, Ipads, consoles in learning. Technology is normalized as en envorienmt resource

5. Comunicative Competence

5.1. Linguistic competence: Knowing how the language works.

5.2. Strategic competence: is the ability to manage communication to repair breakdowns.

5.3. Discourse competence: is the ability to create discourse or texts.

5.4. Socio-linguistic competence: Knowing how the language is used in context.