Conflict in Northern Ireland

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Conflict in Northern Ireland by Mind Map: Conflict in Northern Ireland

1. Causes of Conflict

1.1. 1. Divided loyalties

1.1.1. Catholics pro-Irish wants to be reunited with Ireland (Éire)

1.1.2. Protestants pro-British wants to remain in the United Kingdom (UK)

1.2. 2. Unequal allocation of housing

1.2.1. Catholics had to wait a longer time to get a house low standard of living crammed houses

1.3. 3. Unequal employment opportunities

1.3.1. Catholics were discriminated against in the job market difficult for them to find employment

1.4. 4. Lack of voting rights

1.4.1. before 1969, Catholics were not given the same voting rights as the protestants upset felt that they were second-class citizens

1.5. 5. Lack of opportunities for social interaction

1.5.1. in the way they live work play

1.5.2. vicious cycle

2. Impact of Conflict

2.1. 1. Social segregation

2.1.1. in the way they live work play

2.2. 2. Declining economy

2.2.1. constant conflict keeps foreign investors away

2.3. 3. Political reform

2.3.1. government has undertaken major steps to reach peace between the Protestant and Catholic communities since the 1960s