Levels of Market Analysis

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Levels of Market Analysis by Mind Map: Levels of Market Analysis

1. Konsep

1.1. Inferred Analysis

1.1.1. Based on historical trend

1.1.2. does not directly quantify the demand

1.1.3. property demand is inferred from general data

1.2. Fundamental Analysis

1.2.1. a property’s demand based only on a direct study

1.2.2. demand calculated from primary market area compared to the competition in trade area.

1.2.3. Focuses on and quantifies the current and forecasted demand by potential users

1.2.4. Principle that real estate value is tied to the economic utility

2. Criteria for determining the appropriate level of market analysis for a given assignment

2.1. guidelines to decide which level of analysis to apply

2.1.1. -The regulatory requirements issued by government agencies -The needs of the client or user of the appraisal -The market conditions prevailing at the time of the appraisal -The complexity of the property being appraised

3. Key items to check in evaluating the adequacy of the market analysis in an appraisal.

3.1. Identification of the assignment, assumptions and disclosures

3.2. market analysis component

3.3. weakness of the market and marketability analysis applie to the three approaches