Mental Health Resources in Sugar Land, Texas

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Mental Health Resources in Sugar Land, Texas by Mind Map: Mental Health Resources in Sugar Land, Texas

1. Better Help is a website that can link patients to counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists in the area. The client can focus on finding the right match in a therapists for their needs based on the professionals' areas of help they can offer! It can be found at the following link.


2. Re: mind is another website that can link individuals to support groups in the community. There is a group for just about any need or interest, which can foster social participation and filling time with a meaningful resource. The link to find these resources is attached.

2.1. Complete List of Support Groups in Houston

3. If an individual is looking to spend some time in quiet places, get some fresh air, and take a mental health break, there are multiple parks and trails in the local area. Some of my personal favorites are as follows!

3.1. Brazos River Park

3.2. Sugar Land Memorial Park

3.3. Oyster Creek Park