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Future Tenses by Mind Map: Future Tenses

1. Present Simple for Future Actions

1.1. 100%

1.2. If there is any timetable,schelude actions like arrival and leaving time of bus,train,ship etc.

1.3. Ex: The train arrives at 12:30

2. Present Continuous for Future Actions

2.1. 95-90%

2.2. If we make a plan and if we make the necessary arragements.

2.3. We are going to Turkey for Christmas Holiday(We have bought our tickets)

3. Will

3.1. 50%

3.2. The sudden decision we make at the time of speaking.Our predictions,opinions, hopes for future.

3.3. Wait! I will drive you to the station.

4. be going to

4.1. 85-80%

4.2. Future plans and inventions but not arrangement.Future predictions with proof

4.3. Look at the clouds-It is going to rain a few minutes.