Information Desk Survey

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Information Desk Survey by Mind Map: Information Desk Survey

1. Collections

1.1. Have any medical dictionaries to give away?

1.2. Purchase request

1.3. Donation

2. Lost & Found

2.1. Did anyone find my...?

2.2. I found this...

2.3. Picking up item that was turned in

3. Campus Resources

3.1. Need a campus phone

3.2. Need a campus map

3.3. Need parking info

3.4. Where is a U.S. mail drop box?

4. Technology

4.1. Patron Needs Instruction

4.1.1. Email Needs help using How to access?

4.1.2. Using public computers logging on/off

4.1.3. Other How to use e-book w/ an iPad How to perform a certain function Change text size of PDF Save to desktop Navigate to specific website

4.2. Specific Software

4.2.1. I need help with... EndNote Other citation mgmt software

4.2.2. Do you have...? Specific version of MS Word EndNote SPSS ERDAS Adobe products Other not specified

4.3. Wireless/WiFi

4.3.1. How to connect to WiFi?

4.3.2. Do you have WiFi?

4.3.3. Problem w/ wireless Can't connect Slow/lost connection

4.3.4. Not specified

4.4. Other

4.4.1. Copying Do you have/where is copier? Need help using copier Need copier that does not flatten book

4.4.2. Scanning Do you have/where is scanner? Need help scanning

4.4.3. Printing Physical problem (jam, out of paper, etc.) Need help printing (instruction) How does MPrint work? Printing double-sided How to print specific type of doc Other printing problem Printing from Virtual Sites How to get printing refund?

4.4.4. Public computers Internet problem Computer freezing/locking up Do computers have Level 2 access? Can I use computer to take a test?

4.4.5. USB/flash drive I need help with... Do you have...?

4.4.6. Do you have...? public fax machine headphones Smart Board

5. Library Operations

5.1. Vendor looking for contact person for invoice/payment

5.2. Tech Support

5.2.1. ITS responding to problem

5.2.2. MSIS trying to find specific computer

6. Library Staff

6.1. Staff member calling in

6.2. Liaisons

6.2.1. Appt or consult arrived

6.2.2. Patron trying to contact specific liaison

6.3. Administration

6.3.1. Delivery

6.3.2. Patron wants to verify employment of librarian

6.4. Information Services

6.4.1. Call for specific staff member

6.5. Not specified

7. Library Exhibits

7.1. Turner Town

7.1.1. Question from exhibit organizers

7.2. Deadly Medicine

7.2.1. Where is the exhibit?

7.2.2. What is Deadly Medicine?

7.2.3. What are exhibit hours?

7.2.4. How long does exhibit run?

7.2.5. Exhibit DVD

7.2.6. Misc. question Is exhibit online? Can I film the exhibit? Can I speak w/ organizer/Kate

8. Building/Facility

8.1. Classroom 2802

8.1.1. How to reserve?

8.1.2. Pick up/return key

8.2. Study/Meeting Rooms

8.2.1. How do I reserve?

8.2.2. Are there any here?

8.2.3. Prioritization for reserving Asking about... Complaining about...

8.2.4. No further info

8.3. Library Renovation/Move

8.3.1. Want more info...

8.4. Misc.

8.4.1. How to reserve room in Med Sci?

8.4.2. Checking fire extinguishers

8.4.3. Complaint about too hot/cold

8.4.4. Room for nursing mothers?

8.4.5. Cockroach near exhibit

8.4.6. Broken glass on stairs

8.4.7. What is on 2nd floor?

9. Directional

9.1. Outside of library

9.1.1. food/cafe/restaurant food/coffee vending machines

9.1.2. Med Sci I/II or MSRB I/II/III Location of building Location of specific room on 2nd floor on 3rd floor 2901, 2902, 2903 PIBS Diversity Office

9.1.3. Other floor of building

9.1.4. To/from hospital

9.1.5. Other building on campus LRC Cancer Center Other campus library Buhl BSRB Taubman Center

9.1.6. Directions to library

9.1.7. Misc. ATM No further info

9.2. Within library

9.2.1. Journals Where are the journals located? Where is this specific journal?

9.2.2. Books Where are the books located? Where is this specific book located?

9.2.3. Men's/Women's Restroom

9.2.4. How to get to 5th/6th floor?

9.2.5. Location of stairs

9.2.6. Location of printer/copier/scanner

9.2.7. Where is this call number?

9.2.8. Location of classroom 2802

9.2.9. Study rooms

10. Defies Category!

10.1. Phone Call

10.1.1. Wrong number

10.1.2. Spam call

10.1.3. Emergency Alert System

10.2. Patron asking for opinion/advice

10.2.1. Proofread a paper/resume

10.2.2. Which is quietest floor?

10.2.3. Is it safe to leave stuff at a table?

10.2.4. Where is best place to use headset mic?

10.3. Looking for a person (non-library)

10.3.1. To make a delivery

11. Tools/Supplies

11.1. Tools

11.1.1. 3-hole punch

11.1.2. Pencil sharpener Do you have/where is? Reporting a problem

11.1.3. Stapler Do you have/where is? Need more staples Reporting a problem

11.2. Misc.

11.2.1. Change (money)

11.2.2. Microwave

11.2.3. Band-aid

11.2.4. Blue Book

11.2.5. Kleenex/tissue

11.3. Office Supplies

11.3.1. staple remover

11.3.2. tape

11.3.3. scissors

11.3.4. pencil

11.3.5. pen

11.3.6. paper

11.3.7. highlighter

11.3.8. chalk

11.3.9. paper clip

11.3.10. Sharpie

11.3.11. rubber band

11.3.12. 3x5 index card

12. Library Policies & Procedures

12.1. Library/Borrowing Privileges

12.1.1. Proxy accounts How does a proxy work? How to set up account? Where is form?

12.1.2. Staff privileges temp staff form

12.1.3. Visiting Scholar privileges How to get access to get... Where is form?

12.1.4. Alumni privileges How to get alumni account? What do I have access to?

12.1.5. Guest/Non-affiliate privileges What resources can I use? Can I use computers/printer?

12.2. Eyeglass/Hearing Aid Donation

12.2.1. Can I donate?

12.2.2. Where is box?

12.3. Library Hours

12.3.1. What are library hours?

12.3.2. What time open?

12.3.3. What time closed?

12.3.4. Asking for specific hours Extended hours Spring Break hours Reference hours

12.4. General Policies

12.4.1. for borrowing

12.4.2. for using computers/printers cost

12.4.3. Where are books I left on table?

13. Circulation Issue

13.1. Copy/Venda cards

13.1.1. How can I make copies? Can I use MCard? Can you waive fees?

13.1.2. Need help using card

13.1.3. Have problem using card

13.1.4. Need to buy card How much? Where to buy? How to pay?

13.2. Holds/Requests

13.2.1. How to place hold?

13.2.2. Can I have item recalled?

13.2.3. Are my holds ready/still there?

13.2.4. Can you modify my hold?

13.2.5. ILL Is item here? How will I be notified?

13.2.6. 7FAST How long does it take?

13.3. Patron Account Issue

13.3.1. Claims returned

13.3.2. New patron needs to add to system

13.3.3. Patron lost a book

13.3.4. Account is on hold

13.3.5. What is account status? What/how many books checked out When are items due back?

13.3.6. Fines Do I have any? Where/how to pay? Can you waive?

13.4. Renewals

13.4.1. How to renew online

13.4.2. Can these items be renewed? from different campus ILL item

13.5. Reserves

13.5.1. Need this item...

13.5.2. Where do I get reserves?

13.5.3. What is overdue fines rate?

13.5.4. Faculty member picking up item How to put on reserve?

13.6. Returns

13.6.1. Where to return projector

13.6.2. Can I return items to/from THL?

13.6.3. Complaint about recalled item

13.7. Security gate triggered

13.8. Storage Items

13.8.1. Is this item in storage?

13.8.2. How to get item from storage?

14. Library Resources & Services

14.1. Access to Resources

14.1.1. Using an iPad

14.1.2. Problem getting electronic access Print only Operator error? Possible outage Item not owned

14.1.3. Question about electronic access

14.2. Liaison Services

14.2.1. Need to set up meeting/consult

14.2.2. Who is liaison for...?

14.2.3. Request for classroom instruction

14.2.4. Need help with lit search

14.3. Library Collection question

14.3.1. How are books arranged?

14.3.2. Where are new journals?

14.3.3. Where is reference section?

14.3.4. Where is/how to access catalog

14.3.5. How to view item(s) in RBR?

14.4. Reference Question

14.4.1. I need phone number for... Grad library LRC

14.4.2. Need help finding specific book/journal/article

14.4.3. Need help researching specific topic

14.4.4. Need help using database

14.4.5. Patron asked for Reference dept

14.4.6. Misc. question Copyright question Address for univ president How many bed in hospital

14.5. Misc. Resources

14.5.1. Where can I check out DVD player?

14.5.2. Looking for tax forms

14.5.3. Lockers to store personal items

14.5.4. APA citation guidelines

14.5.5. Journal impact factors

14.5.6. Registry of all room reservations in building

14.5.7. Check out iPads?

14.5.8. Poster printing?

14.5.9. Faculty salary survey

14.5.10. Looking for color printer

14.5.11. Molecular models

14.5.12. Wants to check out skulls/skeletons

14.5.13. Current newspaper

14.6. Misc. Services

14.6.1. Library have a Notary Public?

14.6.2. Where can I post flyers?

14.6.3. Does library copy/scan articles and chapters

14.6.4. Patron asking to use phone