TEA Framework

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TEA Framework by Mind Map: TEA Framework

1. Time

1.1. Systems

1.1.1. Independet

1.1.2. Interdependent

1.2. Strategies

1.2.1. Way to approach things deal with it before it becomes a problem

1.2.2. they should be easy as possible

1.2.3. Eliminate distractions If they are hard to leave they consume more of your precious time

1.2.4. Have "JUST DO THIS"

1.3. People

1.3.1. Someone above you tends to be disturbing Board written "DONT ITERRUPT ME"

1.3.2. Reason for productivity is people

1.3.3. Working effectively with people Being crystal clear Effective communication Different perspective

1.3.4. What takes priority

2. Energy

2.1. Sleep

2.1.1. More sleep, more energy

2.1.2. Going to bed early Know when to sleep Keeping your phone away

2.1.3. letting brain transition NO electronic 30 min before sleep

2.1.4. Taking a 30 min nap during the day

2.2. Ritual

2.2.1. Saving energy Don't be over committed Meditations Have a checklist

2.2.2. Getting energy Implement morning ritual

2.2.3. Regular exercises

2.2.4. avoiding stress Avoiding decision fatigue

2.3. Motivations

2.3.1. Maintaining what motivates you to get work done Visualize your way through it Create negative consequences of not takin action

2.3.2. Know "why" behind what you're doing

2.3.3. Emotionally connect with what you want to achieve

2.3.4. Have a playlist that will motivate you

3. Attention

3.1. Focus

3.1.1. Avoiding destructions Social media Do the work Turn off notifications Know where they come from

3.1.2. Keeping main thing as the main thing

3.1.3. Identifying when you can do something Change of location Make space in your calendar

3.1.4. Putting earphones on to avoid conversations

3.2. Mindset

3.2.1. Being aware of how you work How you think Recognize small things and efforts

3.2.2. Being in control See it in your mind first then reality Be a collector of new ideas Taking the right approach

3.2.3. Influence the outcome

3.2.4. Embrace growth of mindset

3.3. Goal

3.3.1. Know what you should be doing Do it over and over again , it will improve Knowing "WHY" gets you the core reason

3.3.2. What are you're willing to suffer for so that it happen

3.3.3. Consistency Concrete goals Break down what you want to achieve