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1. I live with my father, who is called Wederson too, my mom, called Iolanda, and my younger sister Wellen.

2. My name is Wederson Hiago but people just call me Hiago or one of my nicknames, like Derso or Dersin. I am 18 and live in Timoteo since I was born. I've moved a lot but never moved out the city.

3. I really like sports and music! I can rock basically every music style and I can play a whole lot of instruments like: guitar, eletric guitar, drums, bass and others! In sports I like basketball and handball. I enjoy watching soccer too, but i am not that good playing.

4. I don't really know what I am going to work with... I think about becoming a lawyer, 'cause I really like the idea of law school, but I don't want to rush to decide my carreer.

5. I am a tall black guy with cute curly hair. People usually say I dress really well and that I am stylish. I have an athlete body because I workout frequently.

6. I am a funny guy and I have a lot of friends. I feel like I am a good company and someone everyone can trust, thats why I have a lot of cool people around me!

7. I study in CEFET right now but I've changed schools a lot.