Causes of animal testing in the cosmetic industry

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Causes of animal testing in the cosmetic industry by Mind Map: Causes of animal testing in the cosmetic industry

1. Need for data about the products.

1.1. Many countries ask for data proving that the products are safe for human use.

1.2. Data makes cosmetic products more "reliable".

1.3. Most industries have to specify whether their products have adverse effects.

2. Lack of interest in the use of non-animals alternatives

2.1. There are many non-animal alternatives that can be used.

2.2. The use of animals is easier and cheaper.

2.3. Industries are not forced to change their testing methods.

3. Lack of laws that ensure animal welfare.

3.1. The majority of countries around the world doesn't have laws against animal testing.

3.2. Colombia is the only Latin American country that has a law against it.

3.3. Industries that are established in countries with laws against animal testing can do so abroad.

4. China as the largest market that allows animal testing.

4.1. Many cosmetic industries conduct their animal testing in China.

4.2. China does not have an alternative for non-animal skin / eye irritation test.

4.3. Companies that want to sell cosmetics in China must pay to test their products.