How well do you know your area?

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How well do you know your area? by Mind Map: How well do you know your area?

1. Share

1.1. Create a 'fan page' of your monument on Facebook

1.2. Create your own 'Andalucía es de cine' video using Animoto

1.2.1. Try to use the same style and descriptions

1.3. Write a 140 characters paragraph recommending people to visit your monument

1.3.1. This paragraph will become a tip on Foursquare!

2. Discuss

2.1. Access the class voicethread

2.1.1. Do you know this monument? Yes What can you say about it? No

2.2. Class debate

2.2.1. Do we know the area we live in?

2.2.2. What can we do to know more? Become an ambassador of your area!

3. Find out

3.1. Pick a monument

3.1.1. Research Have a look at the 'Andalucía es de cine' video of your monument

3.2. Create a mind map including

3.2.1. Name

3.2.2. Date

3.2.3. Brief history

3.2.4. Why visit it?

3.2.5. Pictures