N's Transition Map

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N's Transition Map by Mind Map: N's Transition Map

1. School

1.1. Enjoys attending school every day

1.2. Enjoys working on mathematics and completing classwork.

2. Hobbies

2.1. Enjoys working on the computer (schoolwork, recreational games, typing with class)

2.2. Enjoys going outside during recess to play with friends.

3. Home Life

3.1. Enjoys playing football with friends at home

3.2. Enjoys playing at home with his little brother

3.3. Enjoys playing games on the computer

4. After High School

4.1. Attend college certificate program

4.2. Complete Job readiness program

5. Career Goals

5.1. Data Entry work

5.2. Reshelving library books

6. Relationships

6.1. Little Brother (Friendships created in college program)

6.2. Neighbors

6.3. Romantic interests: uncertain

6.4. Little Sisters

7. Community Goals

7.1. Assisting neighbors with yard work

8. Healthy Living

8.1. Shop for healthy food

8.1.1. exercise

8.2. Ask family to help with buying healty food

9. Living Arrangements

9.1. Living at home with my parents and siblings