Technology in Classrooms

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Technology in Classrooms by Mind Map: Technology in Classrooms

1. distraction or helpful?

1.1. distracting because more students will be trying to cheat on assignments

1.2. distracting because students might want to look at other things on their devices

1.3. helpful to get more students engaged and actually paying attention because its enjoyable

1.4. helpful because it helps with tedious tasks like taking attendance and participation

2. "technology can disconnect students from social interactions."

2.1. I disagree with this point that the article was trying to make. when students have social anxieties using technology can help them better communicate themselves, and make it more comfortable for them to eventually have less problems socializing in person.

3. the article does explain at the end teacher-student relationships are key to bringing technology into a classroom without letting the cons get in the way.

3.1. if the students respect the teacher it will be less of a distraction in times technology does not need to be around

3.2. if the students actually want to make progress and prove how good a student they are, they wont be using technology to cheat

4. how i might use it

4.1. doing interactive quizzes and comprehension tests as kahoots or other tools to take away the anxiety students get from serious testing

4.2. having class discussions but adding fun to it by using a discussion board like the meme one we used in class

4.3. doing collaborative group assignments where i can actually see what student did what work to grade fairly

5. covid changes

5.1. I believe that covid showed teachers more options to bring technology into classrooms and made them regret not having it sooner, switching to online without knowledge of how to do classes was very hard for certain teachers and students

5.2. i think more teachers/schools are going to be more open with technology in classrooms now because we understand how much we rely on it now