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My Story by Mind Map: My Story

1. Went to Lake Powell for the first time.

1.1. Fell in love with the Lake the first time I ever went.

1.1.1. Went a few more times. Have been going a lot every summer since then. Tried wakeboarding for the first time Bought wakeboarding for the first time

2. Got life insurance money from my grandpa dying.

2.1. Bought a waverunner with the money

2.1.1. Fell in love with my waverunner. Decided I loved her more than anything or anyone to ever be in or on this world.

3. Found out how much it makes me happy being at the lake with my family

3.1. Got a job so I can’t go very much anymore.

3.1.1. Still try and make time to go and be with my family