Goldstein Ch. 6 & 7

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Goldstein Ch. 6 & 7 by Mind Map: Goldstein Ch. 6 & 7

1. GLORIA ch. 6

1.1. Marieta: "Gloria's godchild and the daughter of Joana" (p. 226).

1.1.1. Had a very awkward visit with the doctor and yet they are all able to laugh and joke about it.

1.1.2. "The context of this popular an expression of discontent" (p. 235).

1.2. Valdirene: Gloria's Mother.

1.2.1. Typically very prude; told the story of a dream of her deceased husband's erect penis, giving the women another source of humor. (p. 230-231).

1.3. Her and her friends

1.3.1. Had two complaints regarding male privilege. (p. 238). 1) Inadequate economic providers. 2) Not trustworthy with regards to fidelity.

1.4. Her Beliefs

1.4.1. Men: need access to sex to fulfill a carnal desire. (p. 244)

1.4.2. Women: must retain virginity as long as possible to prevent pregnancy. (p. 244).

2. Sexuality

2.1. Author

2.1.1. Warns to set aside any ethnocentrism before continuing (p. 227).

2.1.2. "Brazilian feminists have attempted to avoid...radical North American feminism" (p. 234).

2.2. Felicidade Eterna

2.2.1. Main place of study; very permissive sexuality.

2.2.2. They utilize sexual metaphors as a source of empowerment. (p. 237)

2.3. Carnivalization

2.3.1. "this carnivalization of desire is largely, although not entirely, a masculinist vision of desire and transgression." (p. 228).

2.4. "O Amor Natural"

2.4.1. A 1996 documentary on the sexuality of Rio and the open approach they have. (p. 229)

3. GLORIA ch. 7

3.1. Marilia & Celso; Gloria's Neighbors

3.1.1. She attempted to poison Celso but he didn't die. (p. 259).

3.1.2. Everyone found it hilarious that he did not die. (p. 260).

3.1.3. This is because of the extremely abusive relationship they had. (p. 262).

4. Duque De Caxias

4.1. Gloria's daughter and neice are raped and robbed (p. 263-264).

4.1.1. "Women are sometimes left without the protection of their male relatives or anyone at all; sometimes women find that the protection afforded by male relatives comes at its own high cost." (p. 264).

4.1.2. They would tease one girl, claiming she was trying act like she was still a virgin. (p. 265-66).

4.1.3. Gloria's strictness after the incident seemed worse to the girls than the rape. (p. 267).

4.1.4. Because they fear the police, they do not utilize the legal system in a rape case. (p. 270).

5. Conclusion

5.1. Laughter Out Of Place

5.1.1. "understanding humor...provides a unique window into how impoverished working women in the shantytowns of Rio de Janeiro." (p. 272).

5.1.2. The author wants to convey that these women are not "passive victims"; after a good "fight" sometimes all they can do is laugh in the name of justice. (p. 271).