Questions words

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Questions words by Mind Map: Questions words

1. Question- When Funcion- Asking about time Example- When he leave?

1.1. Question- Which Funcion- Asking informeition about something Example- Which color do you want?

2. Question word- Where Funcion- Position, place Example- Where do they live

2.1. Question word- Why Funcion- Asking for roasen, asking what_ for Example- Why do you say that

3. Question- What Funcion- Asking, about, chace Example- What is your name?

3.1. Question word- How many Funcion- Quantity (countlabe) Example- How many cars are there

4. Question word- How much Funcion- Quantity (uncontlabe) Example- Who much maney do you have

5. Question word- How Funcion- Asking about manner Example- How opened the door